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Normative acts and standards about high pressure water surface preparation

  • Project PN-ISO 12944-4 Farby i Lakiery. Ochrona przed korozja konstrukcji za pomoca powlok malarskich
  • Project ISO 8501-4 Paints and varnishes - Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. Part 4. Initial surface conditions, preparation grades and flash rust des in connection with high pressure water jetting
  • NF T35/520 Peintures et vernis. Preparation de surface d'acier deja revetue. Decapage a l'eau sous pression
  • SSPC-SP 12/ NACE INTERNATIONAL No 5 (1995), Surface preparation and cleaning of steel and other hard materials by high and ultrahigh pressure water jetting prior recoating
  • Schiffbautechnische Gesselschaft e.V.STG, Richtlinie Nr.2222, edition (1992)
  • International - Hydroblasting Standards, 1/HS/05/94
  • JOTUN - Degrees of Flash Rusting. Guidelines for Visual Assessment of Flash Rusting; JP/DFR-1, 1995
  • HEMPEL Photo Reference Water Jetting. HMP-STD.WJ PHOTO.01-97.TSD Centre.1 edition, January 1997/SPJ

International Hydroblasting Standards

1. Introduction
2. Format
3. Explanatory Text
4. Procedure for using the standard
5. Notes
6. References
7. Visual Standards



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