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Civil engineering

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From design, through the production & corrosion protection, to the final delivery & approving - we unite all the separate services to the complex solution.

Energy production, transport or construction - our services are useful for each industry branch! Check out our specialisations and you will certainly find the service you need!

The task will be made "on the building site" or in our factory.

    Services for the customers at civil engineering:

  • designing
  • construction and installation of the new investment
  • repair, maintenance and modification of existing structures and systems

ul> Do you need for your project:

  • sandblasters - painters
  • rubber or laminate linings aplicators
  • scaffold builders
  • welders - fitters
  • pipe fitters
  • or mechanics?

  • If YES -
    please call us or send an e-mail!



    Sandblasting painting


    Steel Alu construction

    Pipe production



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